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cPanel Disable two factor authentication

cPanel provides two factor authentication so that it will send a text message to your phone.  In some countries, you may not receive it properly and on time. It prevents you from accessing the WHM area. To disable

How to Configure Cloudflare for blogging sites

Using CloudFlare for websites and Applications is one of the most intelligent decisions that you can take towards the security and performance for your app.  This article discusses how to Configure Cloudflare for the best performance of

How to Optimize WordPress for best performance

Being a server admin, I have been receiving a lot of requests to speed up their sites and optimise WordPress installations so that they load very fast.  I am citing a few examples on how to optimize

How to install VestaCP on CentOS

VestacP is an open source web hosting control panel which works on RedHat and Ubuntu systems. It’s perfect for inexperienced users because it has a very clean looking interface, it installs very easily and it changes and

How to install cPanel in CentOS

Its very easy to install cPanel on a CentOS box, and cPanel is the most widely used control panel to manage websites using a graphical interface. Its not free, a VPS license is about 15 USD per