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How to install redmine in CentOS7

Redmine is one of the most commonly used project management tool. Since it is on RoR, it is assumed to be very stable and reliable. Here I am installing Redmine on a CentOS 7 Server, with Apache

Software Raid on a Windows Server

Most of the servers in our data center run on CentOS. As Linux admins know, software raid (Raid-z, ZFS etc) in Linux has far surpassed hardware raid in terms of feature set, reliability, and functionality. However, several

How to configure SSL to work with Varnish Cache

Varnish cache is a super caching application which will cache your website pages and images in RAM and deliver it directly to the visitors, thereby speeding up the web site.The major drawback of Varnish Cache is that

How to install PHP7 using Yum

This guide will help you to upgrade php in your server from php 5.x to 7.0. The new php7 is quite fast, and have very less memory footprint compared to php5.x

Using Desktop Drives vs NAS Drives vs Enterprise Drives In A RAID Server

Desktop drives are significantly less expensive than NAS Drives or Enterprise. ┬áCan they be used when building a budget RAID array? They can, however it’s important to understand how desktop drives will increase required maintenance, downtime, expense,