10 Essentials for Ensuring Successful Remote Working

Essentials to successful remote working

Do you prefer working from home? Or would you rather take on that daily commute to work? Studies show that around 43 percent of white-collar workers in the US spent at least a part of their billable hours working from the comfort of their home. I have been working from home for the last five years and I really love it!  There are a few basic essentials in order to make working-from-home work. Here’s our take on the essentials for ensuring […]

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How to Optimize WordPress for best performance

Being a server admin, I have been receiving a lot of requests to speed up their sites and optimise WordPress installations so that they load very fast.  I am citing a few examples on how to optimize WordPress in a clever way. 1. Choose a light weight theme. The theme is the soul of a WordPress site. If you choose a poorly designed theme,  it will take a lot of time to load and that will slow up your site. […]

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How I migrated a WordPresss site from Openshift to LAMP

One of my clients recently had a requirement to migrate his WordPress site hosted in openshift to a normal server. I offered him a free migration thinking that it could be fairly straightforward, but as I started I realized it is not going to be easy as I thought.

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What is Cloud hosting and why is it important?

Cloud hosting is the term evolved in this decade and it is the trending thing now. Everyone thinks it’s so cool to have their application ” on the cloud “. I am, in this article trying to explain, what is cloud hosting and why is it important and who are the major players in the cloud market!

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How to build enterprise email solutions

How can we build a business email solution for  SMB or what are the things to be checked before going with a solution which a provider offers ?It is quite a difficult question to answer or we may ned to consider many aspects before doing so. But we need to check the following things before going with a provider.

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How to install Webmin on CentOS

 Webmin is a control panel for hosting websites, just like cPanel, but with a nice interface. It is an open source, free system configuration application used for managing UNIX like systems. It has a rich and powerful web based user interface  and is used to administrate the server along with all the popular applications like Apache, BIND, Squid Proxy etc. Webmin is available for almost all popular Unix based operating systems including CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE, BSD etc. It is […]

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