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cPanel Disable two factor authentication | A cPanel Tech

cPanel Disable two factor authentication

cPanel provides two factor authentication so that it will send a text message to your phone.  In some countries, you may not receive it properly and on time.

It prevents you from accessing the WHM area. To disable it via command line, ssh to the server and run this command, after logging into the SSH as root.

whmapi1 twofactorauth_disable_policy

This turns two-factor auth off.  However, it does not disable the current two-factor setups.  So if you want to bring it back on, do the following steps, and you will be good to go!

  1. Log into WHM
  2. Click on Two-Factor Authentication
  3. Click on “Manage My Account”
  4. Click on Remove Two-factor Authentication

This will remove the current two-factor code from the root user, allowing you to set up a new one.



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