How to Uninstall MariaDB in a cPanel server

Uninstalling MariaDB is as easy as installing MariaDB. If you ever want to uninstall and roll back to stock MySQL, continue reading for a step-by-step guide to uninstall MariaDB.

Here are the steps to Uninstall MariaDB and return to stock MySQL. (more…)

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How to Force SSL Logins in WHM and cPanel

cPanel and WHM logins will transmit the sensitive username and password through the internet and it need to be secure. If anyone intercepts the traffic, they will be able to decode the username and password if they are submitted in a insecure page. Hence it is quite vital to use secure pages for WHM, cPanel and Webmail logins.

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What are the Differences Between the Standard Version of cPanel and cPanel VPS Optimized?

cPanel comes as two variants. One for dedicated servers and one for VPS servers. The dedicated server’s version is called standard and the VPS variant is called the VPS optimized. As the name says, the one for the VPS servers are lot compressed to run in a tighter resource allocation and hence it is cheaper. ¬†Better performance is delivered by the standard version, though. Lets see how they varies in detail.


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