What’s the Difference Between ProFTP and Pure-FTP?

cPanel offer two FTP servers to choose with.  PureFTP and ProFTP – the default one is pure FTP.  If you want to make a change, you can do this from WHM  Main >> Service Configuration >> FTP Server Selection.

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Pure-FTPd is generally regarded as faster FTP than Pro FTPd, though it will not display stats in the stats menu. Pure-FTPd will be useful in instances where bandwidth usage is less important than file transfer speed. Pure-FTPd supports virtual user quotas, whereas ProFTPd does not.  PureFTPd is very much secure then ProFTP. Licensed under the BSD license, PureFTPd  can be installed in any Linux Based system but not Windows.

For a cPanel based server the advantages of Pure FTP are :

  • Faster login time;
  • Uses less memory;
  • Allows virtual access on any IP address;
  • Better security model;
  • Allows virtual user quotas;
  • More compatible with software RAID systems;
  • cPHulk support for brute force protection.

ProFTPd will display your bandwidth usage, allowing you to monitor the amount of bandwidth your FTP sessions are using. ProFTPd is recommended in instances when monitoring your bandwidth is of the utmost importance; for example, on a limited bandwidth hosting plan. ProFTPd is a modular FTP server which very much used. Most of the control panels support this one. There is a lot of features awailable in ProFTP, while a very less is being used in a cPanel perspective.  It is also using the GPL for licensing. Configuration of ProFTPd issimple, and example configuration files can be found easily over the net.

  • Allows use of .ftpaccess files for per-directory access controls;
  • Supports TCPwrappers based access controls;
  • Highly configurable.

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You have to select which FTP server fits in best for you.

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