Use FTP to recursively download files in command line

FTP is a great tool to download files when we do not have root access. So when we migrate a cPanel account from those providers who have the the cPanel’s backup tools disabled ( hostgator, bluehost , etc ) , we might end up downloading the files to the local computer and then uploading it. Here is how to use FTP to recursively download files from a cPanel account.

We can use the wget tool to get this done. Keep the cPanel username and password of the remote account in hand, and the remote server’s IP address.

Install and use wget

yum  -y install wget
mkdir backup ; cd backup
wget -rm ftp://username:[email protected]/

The above command will download the remote files to your server directly, it may take some time to complete, but it will download the entire FTP area to your local computer. You will find a folder called in your backup folder, which will contain all your necessary files.


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