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What is Cloud hosting and why is it important?

Cloud hosting is the term evolved in this decade and it is the trending thing now. Everyone thinks it’s so cool to have their application ” on the cloud “. I am, in this article trying to

How to build enterprise email solutions

How can we build a business email solution for  SMB or what are the things to be checked before going with a solution which a provider offers ?It is quite a difficult question to answer or we may

How to install Webmin on CentOS

 Webmin is a control panel for hosting websites, just like cPanel, but with a nice interface. It is an open source, free system configuration application used for managing UNIX like systems. It has a rich and powerful

How to start programming in Linux

Programming in linux is a vast topic – I have to say that Linux platform is made of different parts; some that control hardware and make it work, some for compatibility of the applications and hardware between

How to install VestaCP on CentOS

VestacP is an open source web hosting control panel which works on RedHat and Ubuntu systems. It’s perfect for inexperienced users because it has a very clean looking interface, it installs very easily and it changes and