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LiteSpeed: Large file download aborts | A cPanel Tech

LiteSpeed: Large file download aborts

I have seen a few instances where the file downloads in litespeed web server is aboring of its own.

The following error was reported in the logs

The size of dynamic response body is over the limit, abort

This is a setting in the Litespeed webserver which needed to be changed.

Step 1

Login to LiteSpeed Console.

If you do not know the password,

cd /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc


It will ask for the username and password and then reset it

Whitelist your IP address – to allow the custom port access. I have CSF firewall installed, and hence i am allowing my IP to access the custom port .

csf -a XX.XX.XX.XX

or use this link to allow the port to IP

Login to Litespeed

Login to litespeed console using the URL https://your_server_ip:7080 , and because your IP is whitelisted, it will ask for a username and password, after bypassing the SSL error.

You need to go to the server tab.

Under the request and responses, change ” Max Dynamic Response Body Size (bytes) ”

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