How to install Rainloop webmail in cPanel Server

Rainloop webmail client is an easy to use webmail client which can fully integrated with the cPanel. It is really cool webmail client which is so light weight. The advantage is that you do not need to login to the cPanel’s webmail service that is on the different port which is behind the firewall. 

mkdir /usr/local/mail 
cd /usr/local/mail
curl -s | php

This will install the rainloop webmail client in your server.

We need to change the apache configuration so that it will load in alll websites configured in the server. For that we use the Alias function of Apache, and remeber that you cannot add lines directly to the apache configuration file , instead you have to do it in the cPanel way.

Now go to WHM Home >> Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration >> Include Editor  >> Pre Main Include -> All Versions , and add this line.

Alias /mail /usr/local/mail

Now rebuild and save apache configuration.

If you have open_basedir enabled in the server you might need to disable it or add the path to the whitelist path in the apache vhost template and rebuild configuration.

Now the webmail will load at

To Configure Rainloop webmail, so that it will work in cPanel server, please follow this instructions.


Enter Admin Area will load the admin area of the rainloop webmail.  The default username and password is admin and 12345 . Login and immediately change the username and password to something that is secure.


Use the Branding tab to brand the webmail to your company stuff.

Use the Contacts tab to enable contacts and use MySQL if you have high amount of users.

In the domains Tab, click on add domain.



Configure Rainloop webmail in cPanel
Configure Rainloop webmail in cPanel


Click add and remove the default settings from the webmail.


Thats it , Happy webmailing 🙂


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