How to Optimize WordPress for best performance

Being a server admin, I have been receiving a lot of requests to speed up their sites and optimise WordPress installations so that they load very fast.  I am citing a few examples on how to optimize WordPress in a clever way. 1. Choose a light weight theme. The theme is the soul of a WordPress site. If you choose a poorly designed theme,  it will take a lot of time to load and that will slow up your site. […]

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How I migrated a WordPresss site from Openshift to LAMP

One of my clients recently had a requirement to migrate his WordPress site hosted in openshift to a normal server. I offered him a free migration thinking that it could be fairly straightforward, but as I started I realized it is not going to be easy as I thought.

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How to configure SSL to work with Varnish Cache

Varnish cache is a super caching application which will cache your website pages and images in RAM and deliver it directly to the visitors, thereby speeding up the web site.The major drawback of Varnish Cache is that you will not be able to run secure pages with Varnish Cache

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How to supercharge wordpress using nginx and varnish

This is how I set up a wordpress hosting for my clients. And believe me, I have got a page load time of less than one second, and when set up in a $10 digital ocean server, it could handle ~200 concurrent users.

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