How to configure SSL to work with Varnish Cache

Varnish cache is a super caching application which will cache your website pages and images in RAM and deliver it directly to the visitors, thereby speeding up the web site.The major drawback of Varnish Cache is that you will not be able to run secure pages with Varnish Cache

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How to install PHP7 using Yum

This guide will help you to upgrade php in your server from php 5.x to 7.0. The new php7 is quite fast, and have very less memory footprint compared to php5.x

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Add a training slash for nginx websites

In Nginx web servers, most of us might have came across a situation where our sub folder access wont work some times and if we add a trailing slash , it start to work ie  wont work when  works. Fix add a redirect rule to auto insert the trailing slash – here is the code for that rewrite ^/([^.]*[^/])$ $1/ permanent;

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