MySQL vs MariaDB

MySQL vs MariaDB: MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL. That means that all data and table definition files are all compatible with MariaDB. All filenames, binaries, paths, ports, sockets – should remain the same, all MySQL connectors are compatible with MariaDB (PHP, Perl, Python, Java…)

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How to Uninstall MariaDB in a cPanel server

Uninstalling MariaDB is as easy as installing MariaDB. If you ever want to uninstall and roll back to stock MySQL, continue reading for a step-by-step guide to uninstall MariaDB. Here are the steps to Uninstall MariaDB and return to stock MySQL.

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How to supercharge wordpress using nginx and varnish

This is how I set up a wordpress hosting for my clients. And believe me, I have got a page load time of less than one second, and when set up in a $10 digital ocean server, it could handle ~200 concurrent users.

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Setting Up A Remote MySQL Server in your cPanel server

Recent versions of cPanel allow administrators the option of hosting a MySQL server on a separate box, which can help decrease resource usage from high-activity MySQL databases. Setting up the remote database server is easy.

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How to Upgrade MySQL Manually on a cPanel Server

Keeping MySQL on the server up to date is essential for the efficiency of codes . There are times when we just cannot let cPanel handle an upgrade because we may end up having our databases not working properly after an upgrade. So, therefore we need to do upgrades of MySQL manually.

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