How to add PHP7 support in cPanel via command line

PHP7 support is the dream of every developer and admins. Earlier for php7, we needed to use either cloudlinux or 1H tools. The newer version of cPanel comes with a new version of easyapache. It comes with a lot of features and the main one is the use of RPMs.  By using RPMs, cPanel have made updating and installing a PHP module or apache module fast. Another advantage of easyapache4 is that it supports multiple versions of PHP.  Here in this […]

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How to install cPanel in CentOS

Its very easy to install cPanel on a CentOS box, and cPanel is the most widely used control panel to manage websites using a graphical interface. Its not free, a VPS license is about 15 USD per month and a dedicated server license is about 30 USD.   It supports installation on CentOS, RHEL and CloudLinux OS. Now, let’s get onto the main part – installing cPanel on your machine… Before we start with the installation part, a very important reminder! […]

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Demystifying the web hosting vocab for a newbie: Control Panel for web hosting

I attended our college reunion last weekend. It’s one of those wonderful times that reminds you how old you are (It’s been ten years since we graduated!) and how our choices over the years have diversified our career choices.  I was discussing my website’s hosting and control panel features, with some of my friends, and most of them had that look, “Come’on Kavitha, we understand all those words separately, but what exactly are you trying to communicate”. Demystifying the web […]

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Why should I go for a shared hosting?

Shared hosting solutions provide ease of use at minimal cost. Finding a shared hosting package that meets your requirements, provides peace of mind. In my opinion, shared hosting is the proper solution, for most small websites due to the following reasons.

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How to force cPanel accounts to use Paper Lantern

cPanel has launched their new version 11.60 recently. One of the major change in the version is EasyApache4 and the withdrawal of x3 theme. Their New theme Paper Lantern is not only light but very easy to use as well.

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Things to do after installing cPanel in your Server

cPanel is an integral part in shared web hosting now a days. Here are the things to do after installing cPanel in your server before adding websites. The foremost thing you need to do is to update cPanel to the latest version, by running /scripts/upcp –force

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