Why should I go for a shared hosting?

Shared hosting solutions provide ease of use at minimal cost. Finding a shared hosting package that meets your requirements, provides peace of mind. In my opinion, shared hosting is the proper solution, for most small websites due to the following reasons.

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How to fix FATAL: Unable to retrieve tier version info error in cPanel

FATAL: Unable to retrieve tier version info error This error means that there is some issue with the cPanel installation is communicating with the master server, and install or upgrade cPanel.

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Things to do after installing cPanel in your Server

cPanel is an integral part in shared web hosting now a days. Here are the things to do after installing cPanel in your server before adding websites. The foremost thing you need to do is to update cPanel to the latest version, by running /scripts/upcp –force

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What is DKIM and Why is it important ?

DKIM is an abbreviation for Domain Keys Identified Mail and it is a factor of strengthening authenticity of your e-mail. It is simply a procedure of signing your mail with digital signature for proving authenticity. It’s generated using a hashed string algorithm which is applied to the content of certain signed fields. It can only be seen when you have a special unique public key that you obtain when generating a hashed string. When the receiver wants to read the […]

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Use FTP to recursively download files in command line

FTP is a great tool to download files when we do not have root access. So when we migrate a cPanel account from those providers who have the the cPanel’s backup tools disabled ( hostgator, bluehost , etc ) , we might end up downloading the files to the local computer and then uploading it. Here is how to use FTP to recursively download files from a cPanel account.

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How to install Rainloop webmail in cPanel Server

Rainloop webmail client is an easy to use webmail client which can fully integrated with the cPanel. It is really cool webmail client which is so light weight. The advantage is that you do not need to login to the cPanel’s webmail service that is on the different port which is behind the firewall. 

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