5 Best email clients to use in Linux

If you just started using Linux, you may be in dilemma – which email client to choose from many of them that are available. Well luckily as you know, all Linux software is free and there are plenty to choose from. I will try and narrow that list to top 5 email clients there are in Linux. Take into consideration, they aren’t in order good-bad, this is just a list of my five preferable email clients to use (many of their features won’t be listed here):

1. Thunderbird

One of the most popular email clients on the market. It comes from Mozilla foundation and it is already integrated in many Linux distros such as Ubuntu, Xubuntu, and many more… It’s the most popular for a reason – stable, reliable, and does the job.
It has many interesting features and some of them will be listed here:
Chatting (supports many social platforms),

Activity manager (Communication between Thunderbird and mail provider),

Security filter (phishing detections, various privacy options…),

Junk mail filter (self explanatory) and high level customisation with add-ons.

2. Hiri

Hiri is email client with personable dashboard for those who use Microsoft and Exchange email services. It’s very nice looking with a feature unique for it: it has 4 Ds workflow (as they say it, that means Delegate-Delete-Delay-Drag). Those are simply some of the options you can apply to an email. Most of us waste a lot of time just checking our inbox, so Hiri invented one ingenious option – you can set time/period in which you can’t check your inbox. For example if you set your timer to 30 minutes, after you open your inbox, do the work you have to do and close it, you won’t be able to access your emails for the next 30 mins. Feature that I found very interesting is that you can drag/drop emails into your task list, for better arrangement.

3. KMail

It’s a part of Kontact, developed for KDE environment with features such as integration to other Kontact programs, Search filter, Privacy filter and Junk mail filter. Additionally, it supports PGP & S/MIME encryption.

4. Nylas Mail

Very modern client, previously known as Nylas N1. Very slick user interface with useful features such as :
Unified inbox (Get all your mails managed and read from one single program, supports all major email providers), Calendar (for booking meetings, scheduling and sending your availability to others), Mail merge for customised emails, Quick reply templates for saving your valuable time, Integrated Translator (self explanatory) and high level customisation (you can even build your javascript extensions if you wish).

5. Evolution

If you’re a Fedora/Debian user, this may be the go-to client. It’s an official part of the GNOME project but is made available as open source by LGPL. It has a Information manager, calendar, note taking application (reminders are gold), included spam filter, RSS feed and integration with LibreOffice.

One fun mail client which I didn’t include in the list is the Mutt. For all you terminal fans, this is mail client that runs entirely in terminal window. It’s text based so interface may be a bit confusing, but for all those terminal lovers, this may be a fun thing to try. Possible keybindings modification and macros support.
Hope this list helped you decide which email client is best for you. This is just my opinion, there are many more clients on the market, but these are most reliable, customisable, secure, or in Mutt case – simply fun to try.

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